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We're constantly striving to push the boundaries of modern media to bring our viewers the best content and fact based politics on the internet. We will not stay silent, we will  fight for equality and justice for all! Join the conversation ...


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Critical Race Theory; Asian Hate; The effects of 45; Supreme Court Politics; School Board Politics. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

Derrick Chauvin Verdict Aftermath; Liz Cheney; Gun Violence; Joe Manchin; Voter Suppression and more. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee; Permitless Carry Gun Law; Nantasha Williams for NYC Council District 27. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

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Your Local Politics (see who can directly effect your money future); Black America and The Vaccine. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

Dr. Daniel Laroche talks how healthy eating is important in the era of Covid19. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.