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On episode 19 Super Sue makes a surprise announcement that leaves the other Gurus stunned. Click the link and see what kind of surprise Sue announced ... SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

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Ep 17: Women's Health; STD's and it's Symptoms; Birth Control; Depression; Vaginal Disease and Infections! SUBSCRIBE.

Ep 16: Transgenders and Sports; Gender Reveal Parties; The meaning of 'Enby'; Gaga's Dognapping incident. SUBSCRIBE

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Ep 13: Ghosting; Bias against plus size women; When is a man considered a Gossip; The Gay Bestie + More .. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

Ep 12: Butt Injections Vs Facelifts; What's Your Biggest Fear; Jay Z Water Crisis; Covid-19 Vaccine + More. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

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Marrying For Money; How Much Should A Couple Have Sex; Depo Provera Or the Pill; Ruth Bader Ginsburg. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

Jeezy & Jeannie Mai; Anatomical Donor Program; Homosexuality and Kids are the topics in Episode 8. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

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Actress Sarah Schoofs, 10 Things A Women Can Do, Marriage & Divorce on Episode 5. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

CardiB - WAP feat. Megan Thee Stallion, Kanye West On Presidential Ballot on Episode 4. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

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The Gurus remember their most embarrassing moments on episode 18 ... SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

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Ep. 15, the gurus welcome in special guest, Heather Mary. Heather talks about her motivation to start the podcast 'Without Conviction'. She explained in great detail why the justice system needs to be reformed and why the police needs to be dismantled. subscribe.

Ep. 14: The Gurus welcome 'Hit Squad' member Villa G. He promotes his new music album. Plus the ladies ask the questions ... SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

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Ep 11: Candace Cameron Bure, Ashanti, Keyshia Cole, Verzuz, Covid-19 and Your Credit, Cheating + More ... SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

Ep. 10: Chef Tanika Eats talks about her love of cooking, how long she's been in business and why her take on soul food restaurant may surprise you. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

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Cardi B Offset Break Up; Nas - King's Disease; The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Reunion + More ... SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

Chadwick Boseman, Cardi B WAP, History of Rap Vs Now, Dwayne Johnson Test Positive, Finances + More. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

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Megan Thee Stallion & Tory Lanez, Jamie Lynn Spears Defends Britney on Episode 3. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

On Ep. 2: Finances and credit with special guest Elissa Costanza. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Megan Thee Stallion, Kanye West, and more ... SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

1st Episode: #LoniLove #KanyeWest #KobeBryant #GuruGang The Gurus Talk Kanye West, Loni Love, Kobe Bryant #TheTea and more ... www.facebook.com/theladygurusshow IG: @theladygurusshow