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"My brother, Sean Ryan ... and his case, and his wrongful conviction is the catalyst to Pro's & Con's."

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If you care about criminal justice, and bias by United States citizens who might benefit, write or enforce it, this is the show and conversation for you. Pro's & Con's is a new show designed to highlight the voices of unheard Americans from all over the United States. The host Heather Mary conducts deep and compelling conversations with victims of the system, politicians and lawyers (prosecutors and defendants) that will strike at the very heart beat of Americas future. Tune in and SUBSCRIBE!


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I want to thank our guest, Casilda Roper-Simpson for sharing her knowledge commitment to making change and Terrence Coffee for his consistent willingness to push the criminal justice conversation forward.

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Episode 2: Great conversation with Albany County legislator Sam Fein. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.

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#ClemencyMike #Pros&Cons #CriminalJusticeReform I want to thank Maggie Swift for sharing her story. God bless you. If you want to help support please go to these links: https://www.facebook.com/clemencyform... https://twitter.com/ClemencyMike https://www.change.org/ExonerateMikeS...

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I want to thank Mayor Mike Stammel and the people of Rensselaer N.Y. for raising their voices in their on going battle for the health and safety of their loved ones and neighbors. Join with them and fight for the people.

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Very First Episode of Pro's & Con's. SUBSCRIBE on YouTube.